Different Jobs in Sports Broadcasting

SPORTS BROADCASTING. English commentators who comment on an ongoing live event. In modern sports broadcasting, a sports caster (or play-by-play commentator, sportscaster or 안전놀이터 commentator) gives a live commentary of an on-air event, usually in the past tense, often with special emphasis on the critical elements that are relevant to that particular moment. The commentator’s body of work is usually very similar to that of the news anchor. He may be interviewed by other media forms such as print media and radio.

SPORTS REPORTER. A sports reporter is one who covers a major sporting event for a newspaper or magazine. This is often the same as a sports anchor, but the sports reporter is usually more prominent on television. In some instances, he is often referred to as a color commentator because he provides color commentary.

SPORTS SCIENCE WRITER. In most major media types, this is an actual reporter reporting for the purpose of providing reporting on an on-air sporting event. In sports broadcasting, he is usually positioned behind the camera, playing the second position to the commentator. Unlike the color commentator, he reports live from the field and is usually not allowed to commentate on the game.

COACH SPORT WRITER. In professional sports broadcasts, the sportscasters are often paid to review plays and decide which call it was that resulted in a winning situation for one team or another. The coach’s instructions are also being given to the sportscasters. Like the sideline reporter, he is not allowed to make commentary on the game, but rather he provides analysis of the games.

REPORTER. As his name suggests, the professional sportscasters are also present in broadcasted matches; however, instead of reporting the game from his own chair, he is designated by the league or the network to be the announcer that gives out information to the viewers. This is not an easy task, since he is required to analyze and comment on plays, games, and any other special occurrences that take place during the match.

Color Commentators. Just like the other two positions mentioned above, there is a huge difference between a sideline reporter and a color commentator. The sideline reporter is typically the one who provides reporting from off-screen, thus giving his opinion about the game; while the color commentator, on the other hand, is allowed to commentate about the play-by-plays, report on a player’s injury, or even give his own opinion on the topic. Color commentators have very different roles from sideline reporters, but both are still counted under the category of sports broadcasting. Sports broadcasting school must teach you both in order for you to know your exact role in the industry.


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