Definition of Sports

Sport is broadly defined as an outdoor physical activity that entails a level of competition, for 슈어맨 example, basketball or netball. Many types of competitive sports and some games are also known as sports. A participant in a sport can be known as an athlete if he/she competes in a sport regularly. Most people also play sports with other people as a pastime or just for fun.

Many people also participate in organized competitions as a means of making money. In the recent past, there has been an increase in participation in such sports as American football, American baseball, Australian soccer, European soccer, and lacrosse. There are now professional and semi-professional teams in most of these sports. A participant in such a team is known as an athlete or a sportsman. He/she may compete in a national tournament or in a local league for the same sports.

Many people participate in these sports for the sheer enjoyment of it. As they say, ‘appiness is not won on the battlefield’, but generally, sports competition is considered as a measure of satisfaction and thrill. Athletes engaged in sports competitions try their best to excel in their chosen sport. They try to surpass their opponents.

Because sports competition involves both physical and mental aspects, it is different from other exercises. For instance, the fitness test given to potential enlistees into the military is based on a psychological test. Similarly, athletes’ definition of successful sports performance will also incorporate elements of both physical and mental aspects. Sports that require large amounts of speed and agility require athletes to have fast reactions. An excellent athlete will be able to execute difficult tasks with ease while maintaining a good body composition. Thus, the definition of a sportsperson includes not only the athlete’s ability to perform physically, but also his/her ability to do things well, especially mentally.

One common distinction between sports and non-sport activities is that athletes in professional sports are usually expected to perform at the highest level possible. In competitive sports, there is a clear distinction between winners and losers. This is because winners are highly motivated to excel further and bring home the bacon (medals, money, and fame), while losers are often publicly humiliated or made fun of. Sometimes, winners engage in extreme training in order to improve their physical fitness, while the losers are relegated to ‘scandals’ on TV, posters, and billboards.

As defined above, different types of sport activities offer differing definitions for the meaning of sports. Most commonly, sports competitions involve physical exertion, skill, and high level of expertise. These definitions are also applicable in non-sport activities. A boxer may be defined by the fact that he has won more number of boxing matches in a specific period of time. A skier may be considered as a sportsman if he ski’s world or if he holds world records.


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